Why I love blogging

When I first started blogging, I understood a blog to be a kind of personal on-line journal.  I didn’t know very many people who were blogging, but my sister’s best friend had a livejournal page, and that’s what it really seemed like:  a live journal.  As I’ve explored the emerging presence of blogs on the world-wide web, I’ve come to appreciate how diverse they can be.  I have several blogs, and the majority of them are simplistic journals to keep family and friends near and far updated on my life.

But the blogs and blogging that I am currently falling in love with are those that provide an Internet forum for editorializing and discussion.  Since being out of college and out of the atmosphere where I can sit around and philosophize with academics, it’s always fun to be able to hear the thoughts of other intelligent people and to read lively discussions about those thoughts.

Recently, Scot McKnight of the Jesus Creed blog posted an editorial on the Obama/Dobson debate.  I read Jesus Creed on occasion as it’s one of the blogs my friend, Bethany, links.  But MarkO’s blog also linked it today and I was very interested in the topic.  I’m sure Scot’s blog is one I will be visiting much more now.

One of the commentators (see comment number #48 by :mic) stated that a blog is not a place to be having such a discussion (in reference to Dobson on Obama) because it’s too limited.  I totally disagree with that statement.  Any form of communication is limited.  Blogs have their own specific limitations, but so does a phone conversation, or a lecture at a college, or even a conversation over coffee.  Before I got to that comment I was specifically thinking that I needed to comment on the level of interesting discussion going on up to that point (and also after that point).  I didn’t agree with all the comments, some were a bit more caustic than I might have been, some were less thought out than they probably could have been, and some were way over my head.  But all of those characteristics are things I love when having conversations with other people and I love that this post exemplified the type of conversation I think really good editorial blog posts can produce!  Good job, Scot!